Needle Exchange

There is a demand for a sharps container with all the same safety and performance features as the SHARPAK® COMPACT Sharps Container but where the user wishes to be more discreet. To meet this need the SHARPAK NX5 is available. The 'only' difference between NX5 and SHARPAK COMPACT is that the NX5 has been manufactured with a grey base and black closure and the labelling has been kept as small and as simple as possible.

SHARPAK NX5 offers the following features:

  • Performance tested to BS7320:1990 (not certified due to standard stipulating 'yellow in colour')
  • UN tested and certified
  • Supplied assembled
  • Easy to operate rotating open/close/lock closure
  • Aperture equipped with non-return petal
  • Secure closure lock
  • Distinctive colouring and clear labelling
  • Tough and durable
  • Cost effective
  • Purpose designed stand available
  • Accepts up to 5ml syringes
  • Suitable for use with the SHARPAK procedure tray
  • Customer own brand available - subject to quantity





With VisiLOCK
Product Code: SU06204
Max capacity: 0.5 litres
Fill line capacity: 0.39 litres

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