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Sharpak Healthcare provide a range of UN certified containers for the safe collection and disposal of sharps and clinical waste for hospitals, clinical environments, veterinarians, and home use.

Our unique, patented VisiLOCK® lid closing technology is so easy to use, it can be done so even with one hand. An audible click reassures it is securely closed, and when locked, it cannot be re-opened, ensuring the used sharps are securely stored out of harm’s way for easy and safe handling.

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Used clinical needles can pose a very real danger, and it’s not where one might assume. Concerning data from the NHS* reveals that it is the ancillary staff – the support workers, the cleaners, those moving the waste bins, that are in the most danger. A needle stick to an unsuspecting person can cause injury, the spread of disease, mental trauma and costly lawsuits and compensation pay outs. In a four-year period alone, the NHS was forced to pay out over £4m in avoidable needle stick claims.

*National Health Service ‘Preventing needlestick injuries’ May 2017

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Sharpak clinical waste containers are known for providing

Sharpak - singlehanded rotational closure design

Singlehanded rotational closure design

Sharpak - Industry leading environmental sustainability

Industry leading environmental sustainability

Sharpak - First class training and innovative clinical support

First class training and innovative clinical support

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“We try and only work with one supplier as it’s better to standardise all our training. The rotational closure of Sharpak is much safer as you can close the bin without your hand going anywhere near the opening, plus there is no chance of overfilling.”

Infection Prevention and Control Lead Nurse
Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust