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Hospital Waste Management

SHARPAK® have been specialising in container solutions for the safe management of clinical waste for over 30 years. 

In 2006 Amcor Flexibles SPS (the previous owners of Sharpak) contributed to the production of the first guide to the Safe Management of Healthcare Waste. (The New Purple Book) which was published by the Department of Health (Health Technical Memorandum HTM-07-01).

The guide provided a framework for good practice to all producers of healthcare waste relating to its safe segregation and correct methods of disposal. Amcor Flexibles SPS responded to the guidelines and provide a range of colour-coded containers which help our customers follow these recommendations.

Since then a second edition has been produced. The key changes include: an update to statutory requirements; a focus on the waste hierarchy through procurement practices; a drive to address the carbon impact related to waste; the integration of new sector guides on GPs, dental practices, and community pharmacies; an emphasis on practical advice through case study examples (in particular on offensive waste streams), and more by way of staff training material; and, a review of terminology used for healthcare, clinical and non-clinical wastes.

You can download the second edition here.

At Nolato Jaycare Limited, clincial waste management is of particular importance as infection control forms one of our main product ranges. Clinical waste management can include a variety of disposals such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, sharps, non-sharps, blood, body parts and chemicals. Depending on the item for disposal the waste is separated which is why we provide a range of colour-coded containers as part of our hospital waste management scheme. This helps our customers to follow recommendations of our hospital waste management. 

We endeavour to provide container solutions that will directly benefit our customers and create a long lasting working relationship. We are always willing to listen to our customers' opinions and suggestions so if you have any ideas that could improve the service, please feel free to contact us.