We were the first company to take the initiative and offer customers services such as on-site training, hospital department sharps audits and sharps awareness posters – services which are offered free of charge.

The last major change in the regulations, relating to clinical waste containers, came into effect on the 1st January 1997 when it became a legal requirement to have sharps and clinical waste containers UN type approved in order to comply to the Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Sharps and clinical waste containers are classified as 'packaging' and as such they must be type tested and approved, classified under UN 3291 in accordance with CDGCPL2 meeting the Approval Requirements for the packaging and transportation of used sharps and general clinical waste contaminated with unspecified infectious substances.

SHARPAK successfully gained UN type approval of all the SHARPAK and DISPOSApak® products and since that time we have continued to develop the range.

locking-animationUnique VisiLOCK® indicator system

SHARPAK has always been at the forefront in the research and development of new products to meet the demands of staff both within and outside the hospital environment.

One of the significant requirements is a clear means of indicating when the closure on the container is fully locked. SHARPAK has developed and patented a simple lock indicator system called VisiLOCK.

VisiLOCK is a simple spring-loaded button that is only actuated when the closure is turned to the 'fully' locked position. The protruding red button is clearly visible even from a distance. This feature is available on the SHARPAK 18, 35, 60, 120 and 220 containers.

Sharps Disposal

SHARPAK provides a range of products for safe sharps disposal. We contributed our sharps disposal expertise to the Health Technical Memorandum HTM-07-01 published by the Department of Health, which also deals with many other aspects of medical waste management beyond sharps disposal.

Proper sharps disposal is vital to the running of a hygienic and safe medical establishment. Even just a minor mistake can lead to the transfer of contagions or other potentially harmful substances to clinical staff, facilities workers or even patients. As modern medical hygiene methods spread throughout the developing world, more and more health authorities are looking to invest in reliable sharps disposal equipment. At Inpress Plastics Limited, we are confident that the security our containers provide is more than up to the task of helping to maintain a safe and clean working environment anywhere they are used.

The manner of sharps disposal varies according to what the sharps have been contaminated with during their use. If the sharps disposal is for fully discharged sharps uncontaminated with any medicinal products then our Code Orange containers must be used. If the sharps disposal is for partially discharged syringes/sharps uncontaminated with cytotoxic or cytostatic medicines, use our Code Yellow containers. Finally, for items contaminated with cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines you will need our Code Purple range.

To view our full range of products please browse the site. Alternatively you may contact us to find out what sharps disposal solutions we could offer your organisation.

Needle Disposal

Correct needle disposal is vital to maintaining a safe and clean working environment. At Inpress Plastics Limited, we are experts in this field and can offer expert needle solutions suitable for any healthcare application.

Our needle disposal products are split in to three categories; Orange, Yellow and Purple. Each colour scheme denotes the classification of the contents and indicates to the user the risks involved in their carriage and disposal. Using clear labelling and instructions such as these makes needle disposal as safe as possible for the individuals involved and helps reduce the risk of contamination incidents.

We also offer more discreet products for needle disposal, such as for those people on needle exchange programs. These needle disposal containers are just as secure as the rest of our range, the only difference being their size and colour - smaller and darker to provide a discreet needle disposal option.

Our needle disposal range also includes VisiLOCK technology. This involves a spring-loaded red button in the lid of the needle disposal container that pops up when the lid is fully closed. This small addition to the conventional needle disposal lid allows for instant and definite confirmation that the lid is properly shut and safe for transportation. It is through small innovations such as these that Inpress Plastics Limited constantly strives to make the business of medical waste management as safe as possible.

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