about us

About Us

By understanding the needs of infection control departments the world over and staying at the forefront of research and development – SHARPAK® is the most comprehensive range of infection control products on the market today.

SHARPAK products are manufactured by Inpress Plastics Limited - one of the world's largest packaging companies.

We serve the medical and hospital markets in the UK and overseas with a comprehensive range of infection control products.

The SHARPAK range of sharps containers and DISPOSApak® clinical waste containers have been designed to meet the needs of infection control staff throughout the world.

We were one of the first companies to manufacture a range of sharps containers approved to the British Standard BS 7320:1990 and the SHARPAK range has grown in size and popularity ever since.


We have always been at the forefront in the research and development of new products to meet the demands of staff both within and outside the hospital environment.

One of the significant requirements is a clear means of indicating when the closure on the container is fully locked. SHARPAK has developed and patented a simple lock indicator system called VisiLOCK.

VisiLOCK is a simple spring-loaded button that is only actuated when the closure is turned to the 'fully' locked position. The protruding red button is clearly visible even from a distance. This feature is available on the SHARPAK 18, 35, 60, 120 and 220 containers.

 The future

SHARPAK will continue to represent the best quality products for healthcare customers by utilising the latest technology whilst always taking the ever-increasing pressures on healthcare spending into consideration.